I Want to Start Going to the Gym, But What Do I Do?

I Need the Moves  

The secret of getting ahead is getting started
— Mark Twain

For so many, they have no reservations about going to a gym, doing stuff and leaving. BUT, the fear of getting in front of a piece of machinery and misusing it, breaking it, or worse – breaking themselves keeps them from stepping foot in a gym. 

Photo by  Scott Webb  on  Unsplash

They see Instagram stories, workout videos, and health magazines of others pulling things back, down, and around, squatting with/out weights, and jumping around in some kind of pattern, but how do they know what they're doing? And why? And why can't everybody be in the know about all of the machines, equipment, weights, plates, and other nifty stuff at gyms? 

In short, they can! 

Here we'll cover the primary gym equipment that pretty much everybody has ever heard of, as well as some of the more esoteric machines and tools that you may see, but not know the name for. 

Dumbbells vs. Barbells vs. Kettlebells

They're all weights, but they have different purposes, handles, and while they can sometimes be used interchangeably, they each have a unique design and purpose for targeting different muscles. 

Learn the 'Ropes'

You're not likely to mix these up, since the battle rope would only be useful for jumping rope if you're a giant, and the jump rope has so much resistance that if you get it to stretch, you're Superman. 

Cardio Party-O Machine

The cardio machines are the frenemies of the gym. Great for burning off unwanted calories, but they won't really do much for your muscle development or gym selfies. Oh, and they make you sweat when you use them right. 

Now that you're properly introduced, check out the beginner's workout routines here, for what to do with these things: